Warrants In Orange County

Having an outstanding warrant in Orange County can result in unnecessary turmoil in your life.  If you have a warrant in an Orange County Court you need to hire an attorney to represent you.  Depending on the reason for the warrant, trying to take care of the case yourself could result in you being taken into custody.  You need to consult a qualified criminal defense lawyer who knows the Orange County Superior Court system and knows the penal code as well as the vehicle code and the potential consequences that you face.

The Law Offices of Robert J. Hickey is well-versed in handling warrants on any type of case.  Warrants are issued for a number of reasons including failure to pay, failure to complete programs or by picking up a new case that violates a term of your probation.  No matter what the reason for the warrant you need to consult with a criminal defense attorney.  Our office will give you aggressive, confident representation to resolve your warrant out of Orange County.

Finding the right criminal defense lawyer is key to a successful outcome in your case.  The Law Offices of Robert J. Hickey is located centrally in Orange County.  Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Hickey has represented thousands of cases in his 15 years of law practice.