Bail Process in Orange County

Bail can be posted one of three ways: cash, property bond or bail bond.

Cash bail is the easiest form of bail to post but is often too costly for even a minor crime. Bail assures your presence at future court appearance, therefore if you fail to appear at court you will forfeit the cash bail that you posted to be released from jail. Property bond requires you to post real estate as collateral for your release from jail. Failure to appear at court will result in a lien being placed against the property that you have put up for your release. The most common form of bail is posted through a bail bond. A bail bond company can post the full bail amount and charge you only a small percentage of the total. Typically, the amount paid to a bail bondsman is around 10% of the total amount but can be reduced for low risk offenders who have hired a reputable Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney.

By retaining the Law Offices of Robert J. Hickey prior to posting bail, you may be able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Instead of the normal 10%, we can help to get your fee lowered to 8% with a reasonable payment plan including zero down options.

Our office works only with trustworthy, professional bail bondsmen. We know how difficult and stressful an arrest for a crime in Orange County can be on you and your loved ones. The licensed bail agents that we work with will walk you through the bail process and help to get you out of jail fast.

Orange County Bail Bonds – What to Avoid

It is important to understand that, as with any industry, there are some bail companies and bail practices to avoid. Unfortunately, some bondsmen are only interested in taking your money and may not have your best interest at heart. These practices may not only be deceptive but they could also be illegal. Always, always make sure that any bail agent is fully licensed. You can check a bail agent’s license through the California Department of Insurance.

Be aware of bondsmen waiting at jails or those soliciting your family and friends. It is best to get a bail bond company through a referral. Many times hiring a leading criminal defense attorney before retaining bail bond services will ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate bond company and save you thousands, as discussed above.

Make sure that you understand the contract that you or your loved ones are signing. It should be a straightforward document that clearly discloses the total amount to be paid to the bondsmen. There should not be additional or hidden fees that come up at a later date. If you are unsure about something that you are signing, ask the bail bond agent. Clear and open communication is vital for a successful relationship.

Knowing what to look out for can help you to avoid the pitfalls of a shady bail bond company. You always have the right to walk away. The Law Offices of Robert J. Hickey is here to help. Our team of knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers know the Orange County bail process and will help you to understand your rights.

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